About The Club

Bed Social Club is a member only, private online lifestyle social club that is programmed around a Facebook-like, but closed, secure and private, social media type platform. The website was built to allow and encourage members to interact together in various ways via the newsfeed, messages, or chat features. This website was built by people in the lifestyle for people in the lifestyle. It is engaging, fun, naughty and exciting.

Bed Social Club has no restrictions on the amount of nudity in posted images. These images and their privacy is controlled by you. However, this is a Private Social Club, where everyone has a voice and we the owners of this site always listen. If there is ever something offensive posted, or find yourself being harassed in anyway, we are available 24 hours a day via email or phone. Bed Social Club is a Private social club. We really care about everyoneʼs comfort, enjoyment and safety. The owners of Bed Social Club constantly monitor the websiteʼs activities and postings.

Bed Social Club has all the privacy features you would expect and demand from a lifestyle website. It is computer, tablet and mobile friendly. Bed Social Club is the new gathering place for Swingers where members can interact real-time. No more just sending messages and waiting for a reply. You wonʼt be disappointed with Bed Social Club. Its the best lifestyle website of 2017.

$19.95 for 1 Year


Membership is restricted to those over the age of 21. You need to provide a waist up with face photo of yourself (if you are single) or a photo of you together (if you are couple).

Once your application is submitted, it may take up to 24 hours for approval. We reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone. We allow but limit the amount of single men on the website.